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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

By accepting the disclaimer and Privacy Policy, you agree to all points mentioned in this document.


  1. Your email and phonenumber are strictly private and Yalp will not distribute any of your information to third parties.
  2. For non-registered users of are the profile picture and user name available.
  3. For registered users are the profile picture, user name, real name and friends available.


  1. Yalp isn’t responsible for the user content of the site.
  2. Yalp has the right to delete accounts which are not used in a right manner. (Racism, discriminating or pornographic content)

The Game

  1. Scores can be only claimed within 24 hours after the game is played. After 24 hour they will be destroyed…forever.
  2. Yalp is not responsible for people who are cheating (which is not possible)
  3. Yalp is not responsible for low scores


  1. If you want to unsubscribe to, you can delete your account in the settings menu.
  2. A deleted account can’t be restored. All achieved scores and badges will be deleted forever.


  1. There no costs for creating an account at
  2. There no costs for the user when claiming a score through the internet(only internet costs)
  3. When using SMS for claiming your score(only available in the Netherlands), €0,25 + costs from your provider for using a mobile device, will be charged per SMS.

If you need more information, please contact Yalp.

Nieuwenkampsmaten 12
7472 DE Goor
0031 547 289 410